Conceptitude specializes in content design and development for corporate trainers and training professionals through the understanding of psychology and behaviours behind the learners. 

The power of content combined with appealing designs are fascinating. As a digital marketer with an interest in neuromarketing, I get to witness firsthand the impact that words and visuals have on readers and businesses with the understanding the science and psychology behind consumer purchasing decisions.

Jacqueline Teo

Director, Conceptitude


Whether you’re a trainer looking for an up-to-date training materials or a manager looking for practical training materials for your team development, we can assist you in developing the right materials to engage your audience. You can save hours or even days of research time for your training materials so you can focus only on the training delivery. Moreover, you own the complete rights to copy, edit and reuse the training materials. 

Training package include partial or all (depending on client’s requirement) the following: 

  • Power Point slides 
  • Comprehensive Trainer’s Guide 
  • Participant’s Workbook 
  • Training support documents, activity sheets and forms 
  • Physical or video briefing on activities, games, and exercises 


Instructional design is a comprehensive process involving the identification of performance, skills, knowledge or attitude gap of your targeted audience or learners, then designing or suggestion the appropriate learning methods and materials. 

Depending on the client’s requirement, the instructional design approach can vary. However, the common process involved are as follows: 

  1. An analysis of learning needs assessment and training plan. 
  2. Design of the programme and training activities 
  3. Development of instructional materials. 
  4. Implementation and the delivery of the programme content. 
  5. Evaluation reporting and practical changes for the current or future programmes. 

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